Boral Cultured Stone® Installation – Prearranging Pieces

  Before setting the stone on a wall, take time to plan out how the pieces will fit together, taking into consideration any trim and accessories you’ll be using. Lay out and mix products from different boxes, to ensure a balance of size, shape and colour across the entire project. For visual interest, plan on […]

Boral Cultured Stone® Installation – Preparing the Surface

  Prior to surface preparation, level and install a weep screed. You may also want to attach a temporary 2×4 starting strip. This will serve as a starting base for the first course of stones; which should be installed a minimum of 4” (10.16cm) above grade, when installed over earth, and 2” (5.08cm) above pavement. […]

Boral Cultured Stone® Installation – Flashing Considerations

  To maintain the weather resistance in exterior applications, rigid corrosion-resistent flashing, as a means of drainage, is installed at all penetrations and terminations of the stone cladding. Download the Cultured Stone® Best Practices for Flashing Details brochure.

Trend Alert: Clean & Modern

  Design industry experts are telling us that as modern life becomes more hectic, and we feel the pressure, our homes have become our sanctuaries, a place where we are able to switch off, detox and rebuild. Contemporary design seeks to provide the perfect balance between aesthetics and usability; it focuses on the function of […]

Boral Cultured Stone® Installation – Requirements by Wall Type

Cultured Stone® products can be installed on any structurally sound, code-approved wall surface. However, surface preparation will vary slightly according to the nature of your project. As always, be sure that your installation is done in accordance with local building codes. On clean, untreated masonry, concrete and stucco, no lath is needed, and Cultured Stone® […]