Tips & Tricks for Boral Versetta Stone® Installation

There are several common tips and tricks that can make the installation of Boral Versetta Stone® even easier. 1) To adjust or level a panel quickly and easily, use a painters’ 5-in-1 tool. 2) In applications that require gluing, use shims or supplemental fasteners to hold panels in place while the adhesive cures. 3) For […]

Planning Your Manufactured Stone Veneer Project

Manufactured stone has come a long way over the past sixty years, and it’s become difficult to differentiate between manufactured stone and the real thing. Most of us see beautiful buildings every day that are clad with a system that looks just like natural stone. Properly installed, and integrated with other systems in the wall [...]

Estimating Materials for Your Boral Versetta Stone® Project

Before you get started, take some time to estimate the materials you’ll need to complete your project. A single panel of Boral Versetta Stone® provides 2 square feet of wall coverage.     These equations will help you order the right amount of panels.     Note: Each Universal Corner will contribute two pieces totaling […]

Speed of Installation with Boral Versetta Stone®

Boral Versetta Stone® goes up fast, like traditional siding; and doesn’t require mortar or grout, like stone. Using only a drill and fasteners, you can achieve the look of natural stone quickly, easily, and without the mess. In this video demonstration, we will cover roughly square feet of wall in just over 16 minutes.

Manufactured Stone Veneer Delivers One of the Top Returns on Investment

  Every time homeowners decide to invest into an upgrade, one of the primary considerations is whether they’ll get their money back when they sell the home.  The ideal upgrade is one you can enjoy for the years you’re living in the home, and then more or less recoup when you sell. Remodeling Magazine recently […]