Boral Versetta Stone® Installation Tutorials

  Over the past weeks we've been publishing Boral Versetta Stone® installation videos. Here's a list of links to all of the videos in the series. Introduction • Boral Versetta Stone® Installation Introduction • Boral Stone Versetta Stone™ Universal Corner • Boral Versetta Stone® Components & Accessories • Boral Versetta Stone® Installation Basics • Speed [...]

Installing Boral Versetta Stone® Light Box or Electrical Box Stones

To install a light box or electrical box stone, first outline the location where it will be installed. Prepare the surface for the adhesive bond with flashing or expanded metal lath; then re-trace the stone location over the flashing or lath material, and install Boral Versetta Stone® panels around your scribed line. When the wall […]

Installing Boral Versetta Stone® Partial Panels

In some cases, the nail flange must be removed from the panel, to install it into soffits, windows, or other terminations, or penetrations. We refer to these as a partial panel installation. Please see the written installation instructions for additional information on partial panel installation. Using your saw or grinder, cut off the nail flange […]

Installing Boral Versetta Stone® Wainscot Caps

If you’re capping your installation, simply set the wainscot cap on the top of your last full panel course. Check that it’s level, and then attach it with 4 fasteners, with at least two pentrating the framing. Also make sure that the end fasteners are within 3” from the end of the cap. Continue across [...]

Installing Boral Versetta Stone® End Wall Terminations

The third use of the Universal Corner is as a mid wall terminal termination, or a termination at the end of a wall. You will need to cut the Universal Corner to create left and right corners for these applications. As always, we recommend that the pieces are cut at different lengths, and that they […]