Design Focus: Craftsman Style

Handmade, crafted, artisanal – in recent years, there’s been a massive growth in people’s interest in personalized, custom-made and unique items, from furniture to alcoholic beverages and everything in between. The Maker Movement has taken off, with thousands of Makers across the world finding ways to invent and create solutions of their own, rather than [...]

Trend Alert: Designing with Mixed Materials

Every few years, a group of young designers will exit their various colleges and institutes armed with the knowledge that they have learned just a little more about design than their predecessors. They will have intimate understanding of hundreds of design forms under their caps, and will know all the rules for making a space [...]

Design Focus: Mediterranean Style

Everything about the Mediterranean region evokes a feeling of creativity, balance and peace, with a good dose of passion stirred in. From the bright, varied and nourishing foods, to the soulful depths of art, through to the political, religious and creative structures that form foundation of much of Western civilization, the countries that radiate out [...]

Design Focus: Southern Style

It’s the epitome of everything that’s good about the American South: inviting — open to invited guests and casual drop-ins alike — ideal for hosting long, leisurely garden parties, and embracing Southern people’s penchant for hospitality. With sprawling majesty, the high facades of homes built in this style could be seen as intimidating or, with a little [...]

Boral Cultured Stone® Installation Tutorials

Over the past weeks we've been publishing Boral Cultured Stone® installation videos. Here’s a list of links to all of the videos in the series. Introduction Boral Cultured Stone® Installation: An Introduction Boral Cultured Stone® Installation: Product Overview Boral Cultured Stone® Installation: Safety Practices Planning Stage Boral Cultured Stone® Installation: Estimating Material Boral Cultured Stone® [...]