Design Focus: Greek Revival Style

Greece is known as the cradle of Western civilization, and the Greeks developed much of what we often take for granted in our daily lives. When we think about the Greek Revival style, we are thinking about a design inspired by ancient Greek monuments. As a Revival architectural style, it intentionally echoes the style of [...]

Cultured Stone® Installation – Moisture Management with Drain-N-Dry™ Lath

In July of 2017, we completed a series of Boral® Cultured Stone Installation Tutorials. You can find a list of those tutorials here. Today, we've added more videos, podcasts and downloadable PDF documents for Boral's Drain-N-Dry™ Lath product. Drain-N-Dry™ Lath was created by Boral® in answer to customer and dealer requests for a comprehensive moisture [...]

Design Focus: Spanish Style

Spain has one of the richest cultures in Europe. They are widely known for flamenco music and dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches and plenty of sunshine; and have for hundreds of years been one of the cultural centres of Europe. This bold and vibrant culture formed the base for much of our Western lifestyle, including their [...]

Design Focus: Asian Style

The words serene, peaceful, and Zen come to mind when we think of Asian design. The "Asian" design concept could be described as a fusion of styles. As the world’s most populated continent, with the greatest diversity of culture, Asia is best described as a series of overlapping cultures, with a bold and engaging culture [...]

Design Focus: West Coast Style

West Coast refers to an architectural style that seeks to incorporate the natural environment into the building design. West Coast style homes typically feature spectacular views of the surrounding forest and mountains, or the expansive ocean. The West Coast style emerged to incorporate Greater Vancouver's weather, natural lighting, and the great outdoors. It is a [...]