Design Focus: Dutch Colonial Style

Colonial homes, over the centuries have dotted the American landscape. Uncomplicated, economical, and refined, they reflect the building practices of America’s earliest settlers. Original Colonial Style homes were most popular in America’s original 13 colonies, or outlying territories. The colonial features continue to fascinate homeowners, as aspects of North America's architectural heritage are preserved and [...]

Design Focus: Shed Style

Modernism was one of the main new philosophies of architecture and design of the 20th century, and has carried forward into the new millennium. Associated with revolutions in technology, engineering and building materials, the movement breaks away from traditional architectural styles to spawn a new era of function, less ornamentation, and an openness to structural [...]

Design Focus: Cape Cod Style

A country with cultural influences from its colonial past, Canada still draws heavily from its ancestry. It is therefore no surprise that the Cape Cod is popular in communities across the country, and is likely to continue as one of the nation's most persistent building styles. A widely copied colonial type, the Cape Cod says [...]

Design Focus: Chalet Style

Cozy, rustic, warm, and crafted have become popular searches in recent years. There has been a massive growth in people’s interest in homes made of  wood, sloping roofs and well supported, wide eaves. In this fast paced world, with even faster production of generic items and homes, the offer of custom crafted and unique, instead [...]

Design Focus: Victorian / Queen Anne Style

Canada is known to be a melting pot of traditions, fashions and style, including the designs of their homes. The development from a British colony to a modern, industrial, independent country was reflected predominantly in its architecture. This influence mainly came from America and parts of Europe, who were also affected by other traditions. This [...]