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  •       DrainAway®, DRAINAGE STRIP

    DrainAway® Drainage Strip

Product Description

DrainAway® - Drainage Strip

When You Think Rainscreen, Think DrainAway® – An “L” shaped galvanized steel drainage strip, DrainAway® is the perfect finishing solution for most Rainscreen wall assemblies. Its perforated bottom ledge allows for proper ventilation and vertical drainage of moisture along the base of a wall cavity in rainscreen application. Easy to install, DrainAway® is suitable for both commercial and residential use and can be used in conjunction with many exterior claddings including: manufactured stone veneer, natural stone veneer, thin brick slices, wood, vinyl, cedar, stucco and cementitious siding products.

Product Features

  • DrainAway® - Drainage Strip

    • Permits efficient drainage of wall cavity
    • Works as a great leveling strip and finished edge option
    • Collaborates with Rainscreen wall assemblies including – strapping and drainage mats
    • Allows for effective ventilation of wall cavity
    • Functions as bug screen protection
    • Eliminates the need for a weep screed
  • DrainAway® - Drainage Strip

    • Length: 8′
    • Material: 30 gauge galvanized steel
    • Perforated Hole diameter: 1/8″
For more information on DrainAway® Drainage Strip, please call 1-800-977-8663 or email sales@canadianstone.com