Driwall™ Rainscreen

Product Shown: Driwall™ Rainscreen 10 mm

Available Products

  • Rainscreen 10 mm, DRIWALL™

    Driwall™ Rainscreen
    10 mm

  • Mortar Deflection 1 inch, DRIWALL™

    Driwall™ Mortar Deflections 1"

Product Description


Meets Canadian 10 mm Rainscreen Code Requirements – Driwall™ Rainscreen 10 mm provides drainage & ventilation solutions for manufacture stone, natural stone, siding, thin stone & other masonry applications. Driwall™ Rainscreen 10 mm is a full wall product that separates veneer from backup walls allowing moisture to drain out of the wall. The air space provided by Driwall™ Rainscreen 10 mm helps air flow through the wall cavity, keep it dry.

Include Driwall™ Rainscreen 10 mm on your next project!


Does Not Absorb Water & Helps Prevent Mould – Driwall™ Mortar Deflection is for both commercial and residential construction. For use at the base of the wall and where flashing is installed to keep the airspace clear of mortar and debris. Mortar Deflection does not absorb water, helps prevent mould and allows weep holes to stay open and drain properly.

Include Driwall™ Mortar Deflection on your next project!

Product Features

  • Driwall™ Rainscreen 10 mm

    • Thickness:  0.40 in./10.9 mm
    • Length: 45 ft.
    • Area: 180 sq. ft.
    • Roll Dimension: 16 x 16 x 48 in.
  • Driwall™ Rainscreen 10mm

    • Assists in preventing mould
    • Simple and efficient installation
    • Minimizes callbacks from moisture
    • Eliminates furring strips, saves on labour
    • Manufactured from 40% recycled content
  • Driwall™ Mortar Deflection

    • Thickness:  0.75 in./19.0 mm
    • Length: 50 ft.
    • Area: 200 sq. ft.
    • Roll Dimension: 21 x 21 x 10 in.
  • Driwall™ Mortar Deflection

    • Minimizes callbacks from moisture
    • Cavity drainage & flashing protection in one
    • Stops moisture from clogging weep holes
    • Prevents mould, mildew & fungus growth
For more information on Driwall™ Rainscreen 10 mm and Mortar Deflection products, please call 1-800-977-8663 or email sales@canadianstone.com