Chimney Accessories

Product Shown: Isokern® OFFSET BLOCK - Chimney System Collection

All of our chimney systems have a Brick Ledge and Offset Block options.

The Brick Ledge component is uniquely designed to allow a brick or stone chimney to exit out the roof for interior fireplace installations. This component eliminates the cost of having excess masonry carried down the footer, a savings that can be as high at 50%! The DM components allow for easy reinforcement.

Isokern Offset Blocks offer the ability to move a vertical chimney from side to side to pass objects above the firebox. Many current architectural specifications require a diverse chimney system allowing for more custom applications.

Available Products

  •      Brick Ledge, CHIMNEY ACCESSORIES

    Brick Ledge

  •       Offset Block, CHIMNEY ACCESSORIES

    Offset Block

COMING SOON! – Downloadable product specifications and dimensions print friendly PDF.

Product Information

  • Brick Ledge

    •  Dimensions:
      • 21 1/2″ x 21 1/2″ (Chimney)
      • 31 1/2″ x 31 1/2″ (Ledge)
  • Offset Block

    • Dimensions:
      • Inside Diameter: 16 5/8″
    • Offset Blocks:
      • 3 Steps/ Block
      • 3″ Offset/ Step
      • 6″ Height/ Step

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