DM Chimney System

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Over the last quarter century, Isokern Chimney Systems have vented over 155 million meters of chimney. The DM (dual module) chimney system is component based and has an inner liner and external casing. It is the only all masonry chimney system tested and listed to UL103HT (2100°) standards. The dual modular design allows for more diverse, lightweight chimney installations for fireplaces and other chimney applications.

Isokern DM chimney components are built with tongue and groove construction, enabling a tighter fit for maximum safety and consistent installation and are the only masonry chimney in North America listed to UL103HT (High Temperature). The tongue and groove construction also makes the propensity for false chimneys (in the actual chimney structure) non-existent. The DM System is also 100% zero clearance to combustibles for construction purposes.

The absence of co-efficiency makes the DM Chimney System especially desirable in cold weather climates as it is not prone to cracking in freezing temperatures, while traditional masonry, modular concrete and steel/metal stack chimney systems are.

The registered design of the DM system consists of separate outer casings and inner flue blocks, which allows for vertical and horizontal thermal expansion. The tongue and groove construction paired with the staggered joints provides maximum security against escaping smoke and carbon dioxide gasses.

Available Products

  •       DM54, CHIMNEY SYSTEM

    DM54 Chimney System

The most popular and widely used Isokern Double Module Chimney System has an inner flue liner with a 14” diameters. The 14″ inner flue liner can be used on all of the larger boxes, such as the 42”- 46” Standards and the 36” – 72” Magnums. Tested and Listed to UL103HT standards.

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Product Information

  • Applications

    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
  • Venting & Fuel Type

    • Natural Gas
    • Wood
    • Liquid Propane
    • DM54 Chimney
  • Model Sizes

    • 42″ – 46″ (Standard Series)
    • 36″ – 72″ (Magnum Series)