Earthcore Mortar

Product Shown: Isokern® EARTHCORE MORTAR - Accessories Collection

Earthcore Mortar adhesive is a thin-set masonry adhesive used for interior or exterior use. It is an approved adhesive for Isokern® Fireplace Systems and DM chimney components. Earthcore Mortar is supplied dry in 50 lb. pails.

Properly mortared firebox and smoke dome assembly requires approximately 5 gallons (dry measure) of ECI Mortar. Earthcore Mortar is not intended to create a mortar joint of any thickness for leveling purposes – instead, the supplied shims should be used.

Available Products

  •         Mortar Pail, EARTHCORE MORTAR

    Earthcore Mortar

  • General uses include ceramic tile, fabricated and cast stone products.
  • Do not mix Earthcore Mortar with spirits or anti-freeze agents.
  • The maximum recommended mortar joint thickness in Isokern components is 1/4″.

Product Information


    Fireplace Model Sizes:
    • 28″, 36″, 46″, 48″ – Pail x 1
    • 60″-72″ – Pail x 2
    Outdoor Living:
    • ISOven – Pail x 1
    Chimney System:
    • DM 54 Chimney System – Pail x 1 / 10 lin.ft.

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