Fire-Lite Metal Stand

Product Shown: Isokern® FIRE-LITE METAL STAND - Accessories Collection

The Fire-Lite Metal Stand is used with both the Standard Series and Magnum Series fireplace. Including the Fire-Lite Metal Stand allows the fireplace system to be built directly on a combustible surface.

This innovative application now enables architects, builders and designers to specify a fireplace system in projects that could not include one in the past. The Fire-Lite Metal Stand allows for Isokern Fireplaces to be installed in a remodel more easily as well as being ideal for installing an outdoor fireplace on a wooden deck, allowing for proper structural support.

Please note: If building on a combustible floor, the Standard or Magnum fireplace MUST be on a 4″ Fire-Lite Metal Stand.

Flush Hearth Application – If a flush hearth is desired, planning ahead is key. Your Fire-Lite Metal Stand can be recessed into any combustible floor system. This is an approved, listed application with detailed plans available. By knowing the dimensions of your finished floor material, the fireplace can be set to offer a desired seamless, flush hearth.

For flush hearth / recessed Fire-Lite Applications please download the Installation Manual and see page 50.

Available Products

  •        Fire-Lite Metal Stand - Showing Standard Series (A.) & Magnum Series (B.)

    Fire-Lite Metal Stand

COMING SOON! – Downloadable product specifications and dimensions print friendly PDF.

Product Information

  • Applications

    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
  • Venting & Fuel Type

    • Natural Gas
    • Wood
    • Liquid Propane
    • Steel Chimney
  • Fireplace Models

    • Standard Series
    • Magnum Series
  • Features

    • 4″ Height
    • Custom Finished
  • Model Sizes

    • 28″
    • 36″
    • 42″
    • 46″
    • 48″
    • 60″
    • 72″