Product Shown: Westcoast, CASTLESTONE & VENEER SILL - Shown in Cambrian

Finish off your project in style. Pangaea® Natural Stone offers a full line of architectural accessories that perfectly complement a wide range of stone cladding products including natural and manufactured stone veneers.

Whether you are looking to subtly blend in or boldly stand out, it’s the little things that make the difference. Available in a variety of colours, architectural accessories from Pangaea® Natural Stone are designed to complement, blend or contrast with virtually any stone finish.

If you are using two different siding products, Pangaea® Veneer Sills form a natural transition between siding finishes, while our Trimstones and Keystones perfectly frame a window or highlight an archway. Looking to top off a wall or post? Pangaea® Wall and Post Caps are the natural solution. Tired of those old cement steps or is your fireplace in need of a facelift? Used indoor or outdoors, our versatile Stone Slabs make an ideal stair tread while our Hearthstones are the natural fit for finishing off a fireplace renovation.

Make sure your home gets noticed. Include architectural accessories from Pangaea® Natural Stone Veneers and leave a lasting impression!

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