Mantel Components

Product Shown: Mantel Finish, MANTEL SHELF with CORBELS - Shown in Auburn

THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION OF FORM, TEXTURE & COLOUR – Add the timeless elegance of handcrafted stone for the ultimate design addition to any fireplace. StoneTransitions® Mantel Shelf and Corbels are the perfect design addition for discriminating lifestyles and those who demand the best. Designed for use with any type of stone veneer, brick or other facing materials; or as a stand alone focal piece. Featuring our unique Cast-Loc system, our Mantel Shelves and Corbels are easy to install, non-combustable and paintable if desired.

Available Products

  •        Mantel Finish, MANTEL SHELF - Shown in Auburn & Shell

    Mantel Shelf

  •        Mantel Finish, CORBELS - Shown in Auburn


Available Colours

  • Auburn

  • Normandy

  • Shell

Colours are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes. Our colour selections enable you to match and colour coordinate with all our StoneTransitions® architectural profiles such as wall and pier caps, window and door trim and other products.

Product Dimensions

  • Mantel Shelf

    • Height: 5.5″
    • Length: 60″ & 72″
    • Width (Top): 8.5″
    • Width (Bottom): 6 1/4″
    • Finish: Mantel
    • Colours: Auburn, Normandy, Shell
  • Corbels

    • Height: 7 5/8″
    • Length: 5″
    • Width: 5 5/8″
    • Finish: Mantel
    • Colours: Auburn, Normandy, Shell